The PhoneNumberAnalysis service allows you to perform syntax checks on international phone numbers as well as mobile phone numbers and to format them consistently. You can further provide these numbers with additional information. This opens up new ways of cross-checking the information, enhancing the data quality, better controlling the sales organization, and optimizing the customer experience cycles.

PhoneNumberAnalysis enables you to do the following:

  • Check whether the syntax of a phone number or list of phone numbers is correct;

  • Format international phone numbers consistently (e.g. for further processing);

  • Check the plausibility of phone numbers (in many cases, fictitious phone numbers are detected immediately);

  • Obtain a classification of fixed line or mobile numbers;

  • Obtain additional geographic information, such as the town located nearest to a fixed line subscriber connection

How are syntactically correct phone numbers identified?

For the syntax check, the service will check the country code/country calling code and the local area code. In addition, the length of the phone number will be checked.

Syntactically correct phone numbers:

A phone number that contains a valid country calling code or country code, a valid local area code and the correct number of digits following these codes, will be rated as syntactically correct. The fact that a number has been rated as valid does not necessarily mean that it is associated with a currently existing subscriber connec- tion, but it can be a currently unassigned phone number. The check only determines whether a particular phone number could be assigned as a valid phone number.

Syntactically incorrect phone numbers

Phone numbers that contain errors in the country code or local area code will be recognized as wrong. For example, the following numbers are syntactically incorrect:

  • +0049072319361000 – The number contains leading zeroes in the country calling code.

  • 0049 07231 936 1000 – The plus sign is missing and the number contains leading zeroes.

  • 49(07231) 936 1000 – The plus sign before the country calling code is missing.