Reference data download script

For easily download of reference data and installers we provide a python script.

The script will download the reference data based on your subscription and the necessary installer(s) for your platform.

How to get the download script?

You can download the script in the Download Service section of Uniserv Connect or directly here.

Why do you need the download script?

The script is a good choice if you don’t want to download reference data via browser and wish to automate your download process.

What is the script doing in detail?

The download script always downloads the latest version of all not yet downloaded reference data.

It will only download actual data to reduce bandwidth and speed up the download process.
For this purpose we compare the downloaded artefacts with the remote stored sha512 artefacts. If the artefacts match, the script won’t download the data again.

To compare the artefacts, they must be located in same directory as the download script and must not be deleted.


If you encounter issues while running the script please have a look at Error messages or contact our support.


  • Python 3.9 or higher

  • Uniserv API Key (to generate an API Key, see API Key)


python3 --api-key <your-api-key> [--installer <installer name, e.g. setupRefdata_linux_x64>]


python --api-key <your-api-key> [--installer <installer name, e.g. setupRefdata_linux_x64>]

The name of the python executable (python3 or python) depends on your operation system and your installation.


The script offers the following arguments.




Show a description how to use the script.


Mandatory Argument. The API Key used for to access reference data download resources.


Specify the installer for your platform. For available installers see

If not specified, all installers will be downloaded.


Print the current version of the script.