Error Messages

If errors occur during the authentication or authorization procedure, corresponding messages will be returned in the response.

Access denied: invalid credentials (API Key)

Possible reasons:

The API key

  • has not been set

  • has not been registered

  • is inactive

Access denied: invalid request domain (

The request was issued by an invalid domain.

Access denied: invalid username or password

Possible reasons:

  • You did not specify a username and/or password

  • The system was unable to determine a matching user account for the username you specified.

  • The password you specified is invalid for this username.

Access denied: the account is disabled.

The authorization check determined that the account you wanted to access has been disabled.

Access denied: further requests are not permitted.

This error occurs if the account is used in test mode and all available test requests have been used up.

Access denied: the service is not enabled.

The authorization check determined that no permission to use the service has been granted to the authenticated account.

Access denied: your quota for this service is reached.

The authorization check determined that for the authenticated account, the quota for this service has been reached.

Access denied: No valid authentication mode available. Accepted possibilities are via Basic Authentication or an API Key.

The authorization check determined that neither the X-Auth-Token nor the Authorization header has been set.