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Bank data validation
The service for Bank data validation includes the functionality for bank data validation, account number validation as well as credit card number and IBAN plausibility check.

Company validation
The company validation service allows you to validate and correct company names and addresses, commercial register entries and/or VAT IDs of organizations in Germany.

Email Validation
The email validation service provides secure delivery of email and more information about the email address.

Location is Uniserv’s comprehensive solution for address data — autocompletion, address validation, geocoding, and data enrichment in one product.

Name analysis
The service for name-analysis includes the functionality of the products provided by Uniserv for the analysis of name lines as well as for the verification and repositioning of the name items of an address.

Phone Number Analysis
The Phone Number Analysis service allows you to perform syntax checks on international phone numbers as well as mobile phone numbers and to format them consistently.

Download Service
Find information about the API and how to download artifacts.

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