Address validation and enrichment consists of a sequence of steps. The following diagram is a simplified Workflow of the address validation process with the most important steps.

Address Validation Workflow
Figure 1. Address Validation Workflow
Step Description

Search address

The first step is to search for all possible candidates that could match the input address.

Evaluate address

After all possible candidates have been found, they are evaluated, i.e. the quality of the input address is determined. For example, misspellings of a street are considered when determining the quality. The most important result of this step is the determination of a result class, which describes the quality of the validated address.
For more information on determining the quality see Address Quality.

Enrich address

The address or addresses that are returned can be enriched with additional data (like ISO codes or coordinates). Note that some data may require a separate license.
For more information see Data Enrichment.

Return result

At the end of the workflow, the correct address or a list of address candidates is returned together with the result class (see above - Evaluate address).
If additional data (see above - Enrich address) or information on quality (see Address Quality). has been requested, this information will also be returned.